Sunday, 16 December 2012

The Post Before Christmas

Haven't updated in a while and I thought it'd be best to get in one before christmas. The last couple of weeks I've been working on getting the texturing done. Admittedly I've not been exactly working at full steam after hand in so it's not all at where it could have been. 

It's looking more complete right now, but obviously not near completion. I've been using a technique that I came across that offers a quick and easy method for just getting a quick first layer of scratches on the assets.

Obviously this is only for a quick first pass and wouldn't suffice to just leave it at that. So it'll require going over with more overlays with scratches and rust. I've also been adding in overlays over just the basic diffuse colours just to add slight variations in colour so that everything isn't just one big block colour as it doesn't look very realistic. This is only just the diffuses getting done as I've not been unto the specular maps yet and they are still just basic diffuses that would require a lot more work to get it to a complete standard.  

Overall I'm quite happy with the way that the project has been progressing and the feedback I got back. I know that I could get this project to a good quality with a bit more work into the textures and material definition as well as the other stuff that needs finishing like the vista and skydome. 

The above image is a space I don't like very much, it's probably the weakest part of the level. It's just a big empty space that I don't know what to fill it with. But I might end up just leaving it as is. 

There are many things that I really should do for this project, like using vertex painting on the floor and window tileables to break up the repetition. I should really improve the textuing a lot and focus especially on the material definition. As well as the above area should really be worked on to get the best possible result that I can. 

However I feel that my time over christmas would be better spent working on personal projects for my FX blog. I've had a real trouble this semester balancing my work. Every moment I work and uni projects a feel bad for not working on FX stuff to have a better chance to get a job after uni but every time I work on FX I feel guilty for not working on uni projects that go to my grade. This resulted in neither getting the focus or attention they deserved and both suffered. This added to more personal issues I feel like this semester has been a rather large failure. So I'm going to take this time over christmas to work on the things that I feel will be better for my future, so I'll get the uni projects finished, but not to a high grade standard but I'm okay with that if I can get a job out of the work that I do. So this blog might get a little quiet for a while but my others will pick up. 

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