Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Almost there, I hope

So I'm very almost there, well as much as I can take with this project. Everything's textured and baked out properly it's all a case of getting a good scene set up in max for the final render. Though I'm sure that'll take all the rest of the week with these horrible shaders. I've had to switch to XoliulShader 2.0 because 1.6 won't cast shadows or render alphas. Saying that 2.0 is still giving me trouble with the alphas.

Here's my current progress. It's alright, I'm currently working on the scene to just give it a slightly better render. Hopefully that'll be done tomorrow so that I can quickly take it into UDK to get a better beauty shot render but that shouldn't affect the work done in max. But I mostly just want it done now, these shaders are far too frustrating and unpredictable to work with much longer.

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