Thursday, 1 November 2012

Progress (or lack thereof)

So works been a bit slow as of late, I've been working constantly for the last couple of weeks but it seems like I've got nothing done. I suppose it's coming together alright and for the final hand in it'll lovely, I'll make sure of it >:( But as of now, it's like so.

It's alright, I guess. There's so much needs done to it though to get it there. The textures are all it various stages of completion, but I imagine that'll take me under a week to get those all finish to a standard I'm happy with. And that'll be done before assessments for sure. I'd only say I'm about a week behind with my work, and I'm be no means contented with it, let alone happy.

I'm just holding on to the idea of the christmas break so that I can add all the little tweaks and especially the visual effects so that I can really sell it properly.

But for now I'm going to just get hand in over and done with and dive head first into the next project :) 

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