Saturday, 24 November 2012

Updates? What Updates

I realise I've not updated my blog in a while, it's just been constant work to try and get this damned vehicle finished. Having not updated in almost two weeks there's been not all that much progress it would feel. 

It took me a few days to build the low poly as I found it a real challenge to get this under 10,000 tris whilst still holding the rough silhouette. I knew I should have just done something sci-fi with bold geometric shapes :/ Certainly not something with a lot of small details, but then what's life without a challenge? 

And then it took me another 3 days to get it unwrapped after that and another day for baking. I realise that the texel density is probably really awful for this unwrap but I'm just trying to get it done now.

That's the low poly ready for baking and my unwrap for you. 

And here's how it looks now in Max with the Xoliul Shader and a basic diffuse. So I guess it's coming along. It looks like I'll get it easily done for the hand in with the environment as well, though not sure how that will turn out. 

But in other news, I've just started on making this character, sorry can't remember who actually did this concept but I'm just making it for fun so it doesn't really matter I guess as long as people know it's not mine. But I just need a break and plus I've wanted to do something hand painted for a while but I think I'll take it into UDK and play around with getting a really nice shader on it once it's done.

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