Sunday, 28 October 2012

Layout Revisions

So everythings now in level and unwrapped and just working on the texturing. But I just don't like the composition. It's too small and cramped and there's no real focus to it, it's just bland and ill thought out. So I decided to take a day just to revise it a little and hopefully come out with something a lot better. To save on time I decided that I'd just reuse assets and anything I needed to model would use existing textures so not to waste any unnecessary time.

This is what I had before and it is so blargh. Admittedly I have a lot of trouble with visualising interesting compositions in 3D and I'm starting to lack concentration on this project so I tried to find some inspiration for it. I came across some of the levels from Mirrors Edge and it's pretty undeniable that it'd be useful for interesting rooftop designs, considering the whole game is basically designed around them. But I really liked how they created interesting layouts with few assets and varying heights. 

So taking inspiration heavily from Mirrors Edge I tried to quickly block out a few rough variations on my rooftop for to work into. And these are what I came out with.

This is the one I ended up with. It's all using instanced versions of assets already in engine and very few that needed to be made. It's a definite improvement, it's far more visually appealing than my previous design. It's a wonder what a few extra levels make :)

And here's everything in engine. Now I just need to get on and texture everything. But I've been looking into nDO2 and it's seems like a really fast and powerful tool so hopefully I'll at least have something to show for this presentation. But all in all, not bad for just taking a day out.

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