Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Week Two Stuffs

This week's update looks like a little less but it's mostly unwrapping :( Though the start of the week was just finishing off the last of my assets. 

But now that everything is finally modelled I can get on with unwrapping everything. I could unwrap everything so that each asset has it's own 512 but the way that I've been modelling, so that everything is quite modular and gets assembled later on, means that there are several assets that share either the same or similar components. So I've decided to unwrap things that are of similar design or material. 

Each of these different colours refers to the texture sheet that they share. I've tried to keep everything to roughly the same scale but certain things required more space and others less and sometimes I just had a shoddy time of it... So some are a little more efficient than others, but hey it's all a learning process, right? I divided the texture budget up into 512's so that I should be able to have 16 diffuse/normal/specular sheets at 24 bit. So far I've used up 11 sheets and only one has an alpha. So this leaves me with adequate texture space to be able to quickly add in any assets or decals that I may have forgotten about and need to do later on in the project. But hopefully I've got most of it covered.

Now on to texturing...

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