Sunday, 21 October 2012

Summer Stuffs

 So I thought I'd start off this blog with some of the work I did over the summer. It's not tremendously much, I know. But what I was predominantly doing was learning a lot of new programs and stuff so I've not been working too much on the 3D side. But I did learn a lot about good texturing methods and high poly modelling pipelines.

The first thing I did for practice was this container from a concept from Deus Ex: Human Revolution. It was a really good practice to do work from a concept and I found it a good chance to improve my texturing. 

The second thing that I was working on was just practice high poly modelling and baking normals done. I learnt a lot doing this, working with high poly pipelines, but I did find it rather time consuming and having watched through some nDo tutorials I think that I will probably start trying to work in nDo from now on. I didn't manage to get round to texturing it yet though.

I know that one and a half assets is hardly a good representation of a summer's worth of work but unfortunately I can't physically show what I'm learned through hours and hours of tutorials and learning programs and plugins like FumeFX and Krakatoa. I also I'm trying to learn how to use RealFlow at the moment. 

I have been a bit bad with my time management these past couple of weeks but when I do get some free time I'll actually get around to starting my other blog dedicated to my adventure in learning how to be an FX artist. There's never enough time in the day :/

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